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DEICIDE ''Doomsday L.A.'' (DVD-Soyuz)

DEICIDE ''Doomsday L.A.'' (DVD-Soyuz)
99.00 руб.
На складе: да
Вес продукта: 100 g
Recorded Live at Knitting factory, l.A., 10 November 2006. Tracks (19): Intro, Dead By dawn, Once Upon The Cross, Scars Of the Crucifix, The stench Of Redemption, Death to Jesus, When satan Rules His World, Serpents Of the Light, Dead But dreaming, They Are The Children Of The Underworld, Bastard Of Christ, Desecration, Behind the Light Thou shall Rise, When heaven Burns, Walk With The Devil In Dreams you Behold, Homage For Satan, Lunatic Of God's Creation, Kill the Christian, Sacrificial Suicide. + promo clip for ''Homage For Satan'', promo clip for ''Desecration'', + in depth backstage interviews with Glen Benton, ralph Snatolla, Jack Owen & Steve Asheim introducing the new members to the fans and covering the controversial history of the band!!! Licensed from EARACHE Records.

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